Stellenbrau to revolutionise craft beer industry

Stellenbrau to make big moves in craft beer market, The Sip

Determined to take the lead in what is fast becoming an oversaturated industry, Stellenbosch based Stellenbrau, an international award winning boutique brewery is proud to announce the release of their latest innovation.

New to Stellenbrau and new to craft beer, Stellenbrau’s Jonker s Weiss and Craven Craft Lager are now available in a stylish 440ml can and 330ml bottle. Stellenbrau owner, Deon Engelbrecht says they are tremendously excited about the new venture and the many opportunities it will create for Stellenbrau Craft Brewery.

“Although the bigger bottles may be more commonly associated with the craft beer trade we find that the smaller bottles are more accessible and economical, which is a big factor to consider.”

Engelbrecht says research shows that a large percentage of their customers prefer the reduced bottle size and they anticipate great interest especially from their female clientele. The 330ml bottle although now taking the form of many common alcohol/non-alcohol beverages in the market, Stellenbrau believes this will count in their favour as they aim to meet their customer’s needs on every level.

Furthermore an obvious breakthrough in the craft beer industry is the trendy 440ml can.

“This is completely new territory for us, but we are 100% certain our consumers will highly appreciate this new can packaging with its striking design.”

Engelbrecht adds that because the can is more environmentally friendly it will also be ideal for sportsmen and women as well as the outdoor enthusiasts.

To ensure that the best quality, flavours and consistency is maintained, Stellenbrau has taken a focused approach to the modification of their packaging starting with their two best sellers, the Jonkers Weiss and the Craven Craft Lager. As the 330ml bottle and 440ml can establishes itself in the market, roll out of the other two remaining products, Governor’s Red and Alumni Ale, will begin, ultimately phasing out the current 500ml and 440ml bottles.

Stellenbrau head brewer, Stephen de Jager says that the ingredients, methods, processes and nutritional values of Stellenbrau craft beer all play a major role in creating the perfect craft beer. Recent nutritional tests reveal that Stellenbrau beers are extremely low on carbohydrates and sugars, as well as kilojoules – even more waist friendly than products which traditionally market themselves as ‘light beer’ for the calorie conscious.

The total sugar value in a bottle of Stellenbrau craft beer is 0.0g/100ml and the starch content equates to nil, as a result the Glycaemic c arbohydrates also equates to 0.0g/100ml.

“What this means is that the Glycaemic Index is very low, resulting in carbohydrates that break down slowly, releasing glucose gradually into the bloodstream, keeping your blood sugars regulated. This is in actual fact low GI beer, ” says De Jager.

Although it is brewed as a regular lager beer with very low kilojoule content, it boasts the nutritional value of a ‘light beer’.

“Our aim is to not only offer our customers something that is aesthetically appealing but a beer they will thoroughly enjoy over and over again. Which is why our focus remains on the brewing process, guaranteeing excellence in flavours and tast e with every single bottle and can,” explains Engelbrecht.

Stellenbrau craft beers are currently available on tap and in bottles at various bars and restaurants across South Africa . Visit to see where to purchase, or like Stellenbrau on Facebook to stay abreast of developments.

Stellenbrau 330ml bottles, The Sip
Stellenbrau 330ml bottles, The Sip
Stellenbrau Craven Craft Lager 440ml can, The Sip
Stellenbrau Craven Craft Lager 440ml can, The Sip
Stellenbrau Jonkers Weiss 440ml can, The Sip
Stellenbrau Jonkers Weiss 440ml can, The Sip

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