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Ayama Wines, The Sip

The Sip takes a closer look at Ayama Wines, which offers a quality wine range from the slopes of the Paardeberg Mountains in Windmuel, Paarl.

Many fellow South Africans are unacquainted with the unique area of the Voor-Paardeberg, which has recently been declared as one of the latest wine appellations for producing distinctive wines of significant quality. Furthermore, nestled on the gentle slopes of the Paardeberg Mountains, lies Ayama Wines, Slent Farms, whose wines are a clear expression of the magnificent terroir on which it lives.

Ayama Vermentino, The Sip
Ayama Vermentino, The Sip

The panoramic views across Cape Town and the entire Drakenstein from the historic mountain side of Ayama, are unsurpassed and breathtakingly beautiful. In 2004 while visiting South Africa, Italian couple and owners, Attilio and Michela Dalpiaz, could not deny the attraction they felt when first seeing Slent, immediately falling in love with the farm.

Now 13 years later, find themselves pushing boundaries and introducing new varieties and farming practices within the South African Wine Industry.

Understanding the diverse cultures and land in South Africa proved to be challenging for the couple at first, but the real challenge was wanting to introduce a uniquely Italian variety to the South African wine industry.

After giving insight to the site, climate, and terroir found at Ayama, it was decided to introduce Vermentino di Gallura to the region of the Voor-Paardeberg.

Considering the growing conditions of Vermentino in Sardinia, (the rocky granitic outcrop and dry drained soils, surrounded by the Tyrrhenian sea, accompanied by salty winds) the Voor-Paardeberg Region proved to be geographically suited for this vigorous grower, and in 2014 the first hectare of this premier wine was planted, producing a limited amount of 1500L for its maiden harvest in 2016.

Trellised on a double guyot system, the debut of Vermentino di Gallura in South Africa not only communicates innovation, but its stylish packaging and fermentation inspired logo, boasts of sophistication and class, setting trends and leading the way forward for the introduction of new viticultural practices and cultivars within South Africa.

Ayama means “Someone to lean on”, in isiXhosa and is the foundation on which our wines, and the soil on which it is planted, is built. It is a clear expression of its’ terroir, South Africa, and its’ many diverse cultures on which it exists.

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