Disaronno celebrates La Dolce Vita at True Italic

True Italic collaborated with Disaronno, The Sip

In celebration of Italian Republic Day, Disaronno paired up with True Italic, an authentically Italian eatery owned by brother and sister duo Luca and Natasha Di Pasquale, to commemorate La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life.

With strong influences from his Italian background, Luca drew inspiration from all around Italy.

“The challenge in creating the dishes for me was exciting,” notes Luca. “I am always looking for inspiration to recreate traditional Italian dishes drawing on modern flavours to create classic dishes with a contemporary twist while still respecting the ‘Italian way’.”

True Italic collaborated with Disaronno, The Sip

With a burst of flavour on the nose and a taste of almond and marzipan on the palate, Disaronno leaves a long sweetness with a faint bitterness on tongue, making it the perfect ingredient to reimage classic dining room favourites.

Amongst his Disaronno creations was the Disaronno Stracciatella Risotto, a dish traditionally served with mozzarella, Luca was inspired by a Nepalese twist on the conventional risotto which sees white wine being replaced with amaretto.

With it’s almond taste, Disaronno makes for the perfect infusion to any dessert. Luca reinvented the traditional tiramisu, infusing it with the almond taste of Disaronno.

Following a successful launch in June, Disaronno is set to host a succession of secret soirées, taking guests on a flavour journey pairing classic Italian dishes with the unique taste of Disaronno.

True Italic collaborated with Disaronno, The Sip

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