Friday, 20 July 2018

The Breede River Valley


The Breede River Valley is in the Western Cape of South Africa, and is well known for its wine and fruit-producing farmlands. It is very wide and flat, with the Western side being very low (only around 80m above the sea-level), and the Eastern side being more hilly.


The valley itself tends to have a large amount of rain during the winter seasons (between May and September), and snow is a common occurrence during these months, while summers can be very warm indeed, with December-March the hottest months. The springtime and autumn can have a great deal of rain, although temperatures vary between very mild, and almost wintery, including experiencing some snow.


These Mediterranean-type climates, and the landscape, help to ensure that Breede River Valley produces almost a fifth of all South Africa’s wine, from grape to glass, and the region now boasts one of the largest wine routes in the world, known as Route 52.