Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Coastal Region


The Coastal Region is well known to wine fans for the unique taste that this region gives to its wines, and to the many varieties of excellent wine which are produced in this area. In some ways it is considered to be the most important region in terms of its wine cultivation, having a long history of its wine production, and one of the strongest wine-based economies in South Africa.


The Coastal Region has two different types of soil that are useful to wine growers, which are a deep red clay which helps to retain moisture for the grapes, and the light sandy earth of areas nearer to the shore which are known for their well-draining capacity. There are also some areas where lime and other stone-rich outcrops are used to give vine produce an additional flavour.


The climate is described as Mediterranean in temperature, although the winds from both the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean combine to produce limited sunshine outside of the summer, and in some areas of the Cape Coastal region wine producing is centred around cold-climate viticulture. Due to the wide variety of soils and temperatures, the Cape Coastal region can grow a number of different wines, from the Chenin Blanc to the Pinotage.