Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Klein Karoo Region


As one of the largest wine regions in South Africa, the Klein Karoo Region stretches from Robertson in the west all the way north. This region has many fantastic mountain ranges and valleys, making it the ideal location for wine growers in the area.


Due to its location close to the Indian Ocean, Klein Karoo has a very dry and arid landscape, although there are many microclimates in the district which allow for a number of vineyards, the majority of which are nourished by the Little Karoo River.


Due to the very dry climate, most of the wines produced in the region are fortified, or are used in other ways to enhance the flavour of different wines. The world-famous Muscadel is grown and produced in this region, and there are also a number of red and white varieties of wine which come from this area. Due to the very arid climate, and the lack of resources to bring water to the desert areas, Klein Karoo has become popular as a location for organic wine-growers, and the majority of South Africa’s organic wines are produced in this region.