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South African entrepreneur launches Bannerman's whisky, The Sip
South African entrepreneur launches Bannerman's whisky, The Sip

South African entrepreneurs launch new whisky Bannerman’s

Cape Town-based premium drinks company Truman & Orange is behind the launch of Bannerman’s Finest Blended Scotch Whisky.

This launch is a welcome innovation in the largest spirits category in SA, and one dominated by multi-national companies.

Bannerman’s Finest Scotch Whisky is a Speyside-style Scotch Whisky, produced and blended in Scotland, just outside Edinburgh. Bannerman’s is made using older, more complex malt whiskies, which give it a bolder, more complex flavour than other blends and help create its exceptionally long, smooth finish.

In a category dominated by multinational drinks giants, Bannerman’s Finest Scotch Whisky is owned by a South African entrepreneur. Taking on corporate giants in the largest segment (blends) of the largest drinks category in South Africa (whisky), Truman & Orange is backing the aptly-named Bannerman’s as the urban, high-quality Scotch whisky that South African whisky drinkers have been waiting for:

“As the first significant new brand launch in blended whisky to hit South African shelves in many years, Bannerman’s,” says Truman & Orange founder and entrepreneur, Rowan Leibbrandt, “gives Scotch drinkers an opportunity to try a new, independently-made, beautifully-crafted Scotch Whisky.”

Bannerman’s is made using a uniquely slow distillation process which ensures longer contact with the copper still, creating its beautifully fruity flavours.

Aged in oak casks, Bannerman’s maturation uses a high proportion of sweet Spanish sherry casks, to create an unusually smooth, rich character. Set to soothe the increasingly sophisticated South African palate’s hankering for something different, interesting and authentic, Bannerman’s offers the urban (and progressively urbane) South African drinker something new, in a category long-dominated by a handful of global brands.

The ‘banner man’ was the king’s standard bearer who had the honour of carrying his flag into war.

Retailing at competitive R220 to R240 per bottle, Bannerman’s embodies Truman & Orange’s entrepreneurial bravery and their vision of changing the drinks landscape in SA driven by the ‘drink better’ motto. Available at all good liquor stores.

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